How to use the Sitemap Index

This is a brand new feature of AceSEF from version 1.5.16 that allows you to create Sitemap Index automatically.

sitemap-index-1 sitemap-index-2

As you know, the following link is used to create a XML sitemap including all sitemap items:

But what if we want to filter/categorize the XML sitemap and/or create multiple XML sitemaps? Here you have it.

Let's say we've FAQs as top category and General, Current Users, Languages and New to Joomla as sub-categories of FAQs. Of course that these categories have items/contents inside and may be thousand of items in each one.

So what we want to do is to create different sitemaps for each category so that it'll also speed up Google to read it. We can achieve this in 2 ways:

1. Creating a Sitemap Index
That is pretty simple, we just have to enter the SEF path that these categories contain to the XML link like in image #1 above:


So it'll search for 1 deeper level SEF URLs in AceSEF and create a sitemap for each of them.

2. Modifying the sitemap link manually
We can enter the category path manually like this:


We can include up to 7 different paths in one sitemap using s1, s2, s3... s7 in the sitemap link.

Component based XML sitemap

We can use the following link style to create component based XML sitemaps: