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How to eliminate 404 errors

There are several reasons that may couse 404 error, here there are some solutions:

How to export meta data from sh404SEF

First of all, make sure that you've imported SEF URLs exported from sh404SEF.

How to install an AceSEF extension?

Step 1
Go to AceSEF=>Extensions from Joomla! menu

How to migrate from JoomSEF?

To migrate from JoomSEF to AceSEF you should follow these steps:

How to migrate from sh404SEF?

To migrate from sh404SEF to AceSEF you should follow these steps:

How to permanently delete SEF URLs

AceSEF will continiously genereate SEF URL if any non-SEF URL is routed to it and that non-SEF URL doesn't exist in AceSEF's URLs list unless you've entered any part of the non-SEF URL to "disable-SEF" variables.

How to reduce number of SEF URLs generated?

Some duplicates or increased ammount of SEF links that may be undesirable may be caused by other variables used for ordering, sorting, etc. These can be also excluded from the SEF URL and reappended behind it.

How to reduce or prevent duplicated URLs

There is a few ways to resolve this issue:

How to upgrade commercial extensions automatically?

You should just press the Upgrade button but beforethat, you should enter your Download-ID into extension's parameters.

How to upgrade from Basic/Plus to Plus/Pro?

Simple, download the new package then go to AceSEF=>Upgrade and upload it.