Why do I have so much 404 URLs?

404 URL/page means that the requested URL/page was not found. The 404 URLs are naturally not wanted by any site admin, they hate them so much so they sometimes can accuse the other party falsely.

The issue

Before using AceSEF, you may have used the core Joomla SEF or another SEF component. However, after installing AceSEF, your SEF URLs structure may be changed so you may have different SEF URLs.

Let's explain the reasons that causes 404 URLs/pages:

1. Internal site linking
In this case you and/or your users may have linked any word and/or shared any old/wrong SEF URL in any part of your site.

2. Search engines (Google) records
If your site is not new then search engines like Google probably has recorded your pages on it's search results using your old/wrong SEF URLs structure.

3. Redirects from other sites
You and/or your users may have shared your old/wrong SEF URLs on other sites.

4. Users' typing errors
You and/or your users may have tried to enter any page by enter the SEF URL manually into the browser's address bar but have mistyped it.

As per result if visitors click on those old/wrong SEF URLs they will be redirected to the 404 page.

The solution

We've tried to provide different automatic solutions on AceSEF but the 100% working solution is to create Moved URLs manually from the old to the new one.
The automatic solution for the first 3 reasons is to import your old SEF URLs if you were using any other SEF component. If you were using the core Joomla SEF then activate the "AceSEF=>Configuration=>URLs=>Joomla! SEF to AceSEF" option. If you were not using SEF at all then activate the "AceSEF=>Configuration=>URLs=>non-SEF to SEF and Generate new SEF" options. With these options AceSEF will "try" to redirect your visitors to the proper pages automatically.

All those issues are also valid if you've changed any URL created by AceSEF but have not created any Moved URL for it. We recommend you to use the "Save & Moved" button or enter the previous URL into the Aliases field in such a case: