Here we are in the URL management section where you can add, edit, publish, lock deletion, delete, block rewrite and export each URL.
URLs page has 10 parts, each part does different job.


URLs-SEF-URLs URLs-Duplicated-URLs

If you have an URL that is moved to another page and you can't prevent the generation of the old (moved) URL then you can unpublish the old one so the New URL will be active.

Used (Duplicated URLs Management)
As mentioned in the Configuration section, with this function you can manage same URLs. As you can see in the screen above some identical URLs are marked. In the Used column one has a solid star and other has a half solid star. The solid star means that this Real URL will be used for this SEF URL. As you can see it is very easy to manage duplicated URLs.
This function is also important for Red URLs. Take a look at Terminology article about Red URLs.

Reset Use
When you have selected a URL as Used and you want to change this, you can do it with "Reset Use" fonction. URL will be as it was at first time generated.

This is also one of the futures that only AceSEF has. You can set your important URLs to be locked from both deletion and purge actions.

Set Tags
With this function you can enable/disable showing tags to any URL you want.

Set I. Links
The meaning is "Set Internal Links". With this function you can enable/disable showing internal links to any URL you want.

Set S. Bookmarks
The meaning is "Set Social Bookmarks". With this function you can enable/disable showing social bookmarks to any URL you want.

Unpublish Tag
You can unpublish any tag that you have added to whole URLs you selected or filtered. Don't forget to write the right tag.

You can cache each link one by one, or you can select / filter and chache them.

Generate URLs
This is a new feature of AceSEF 1.5. This is the end of the necessity of browsing the website to generate SEF URLs. With it's new and advanced URL generation method, AceSEF 1.5 will browse your website itself and generate SEF URLs on-the-fly. It's very useful for websites with less than 1000 URLs


Edit URLs


Here you can do all functions of AceSEF just for the URLs you opened to edit. You can edit SEF & Real URL, Metadata, Sitemap, Tags, Internal Links and Social Bookmarks for one URL. Also you can see the sorce of the URL.

Save & Moved
This offers you to create a Moved URL automaticly if you are changing the SEF URL but because of the old SEF URL has been indexed by spiders you want to create a 301 redirection to the new one.

Moved URLs (301 redirects)

The New, Change, Publish, Delete etc actions has the same functionalities as in SEF URLs section. Creating/editing a Moved URL is very simple, just enter the old URL into From URL field and the new URL into To URL field. AceSEF will create a 301 redirection from the old to the new URL. You can also redirect to an URL not in your site by prepending http:// in front of the To URL.

Note 1 : Do not enter your domain into the "From URL" field.
Note 2 : If the From URL is still being generated by AceSEF in SEF URLs, Custom URLs or 404 URLs sections, do not delete but unPublish or Trash it.

Quick Edit


This is the newest feature that offers you to edit all SEF & Real URLs as fast as you can. You don't have to open URLs one by one no more. Editing URLs from one central screen will save 95% your time.



You don't want an URL to be generated again and again, then trash it. The URL will be unpublished so if anybody tries to enter with its SEF & Real URL he will get 404 error. Of course if there is no 301 redirection for this URL.