Restore / Migrate

After you got a backup of AceSEF URLs, Metadata, Sitemap, Tags ,Internal Links or Social Bookmarks you can easily restore them. At the same time you can migrate JoomSEF / sh404SEF SEF URLs & Metadata to AceSEF.


On Restore / Migrate page of AceSEF we can see 5 parts. 2 for AceSEF, 1 for JoomSEF, 1 for sh404SEF and 1 for Joomla! SEF (info). Getting a backup of AceSEF is too easy, also restoring.  You can migrate SEF URLs and Meta tags of JoomSEF from one place, but for sh404SEF you have to migrate each of them from different places.

Firstly let’s see how can we get the files we want to import.

AceSEF have many ways to export files. Go to Control Panel => Restore / Migrate , here you can get a backup of  all files for each feature, just by clicking on his own button. At the same time, you can go to URLs, Metadata, Sitemap, Tags, Internal Links or Social Bookmarks, select or filter records, later select "Backup" from the right-top select-box and click on Apply. After that, You will get files like acesef_urls.sql for SEF URLs, or acesef_metadata.sql for Metadata, or acesef_sitemap.sql for Sitemap etc.

Go to “Manage SEF URLs” from JoomSEF Control Panel. Here you can select one by one each URL and click on “Export Selected” or you can filter URLs then click on “Export All Filtered” and the file will be downloaded as “joomsef_custom_urls.sql”.

For sh404SEF URLs you should go to control panel, click on "Import/Export URLs" icon then click on "Export redirections" and the file will be downloaded as “sh404SEF_sef_urls.csv”.
For sh404SEF Meta Tags you should go to control panel, click on "Meta tags" icon then click on "Import/ export META" in the right top and at least click on "Export Meta tags" button then file will be downloaded as “sh404SEF_meta.csv”.

Each exported file should be installed from his own place and clicking on the right button. AceSEF backuped files should be installed only from AceSEF part, don't try to install from the other parts. The same rule for other components' files.
JoomSEF files can be instaled from the same button, sh404SEF SEF URLs & Metadata files should be installed from their own buttons.