What is "Affected Area" ?

Affected Area is the place that AceSEF uses to show Tags, Internal Links and Social Bookmarks.


AceSEF can display these 3 features in 3 different ares. The above image describes 2 of them, Main Body and Content areas. In short, Main Body is all the center area without modules, Content area is just the text place.

The third area is Trigger which includes the AceSEF specific triggers. AceSEF has 3 different triggers that component developers can use to show Tags, Internal Links and Social Bookmarks into their components. This article will help you (developers) to understand how to use triggers.

Tags: onAcesefTags
Internal Links: onAcesefIlinks
Social Bookmarks: onAcesefBookmarks

How to fire a trigger
JPluginHelper::importPlugin('system', 'acesef');
$dispatcher =& JDispatcher::getInstance();
$dispatcher->trigger('onAcesefTags', array(&$text));

AceSEF triggers take action in the same place as Content area/plugins.
Most of components supports Content area. For those that don't you can use Main Body or ask their developers to support Content plugins or AceSEF triggers.

If your developer does not support the Content & AceSEF plugins then you can use the following modules to display Tags & Social Bookmarks, they will fire the trigger for you: