404 URLs, AceSEF & documentation

on Friday, 28 January 2011. Posted in AceSEF Item Hits 4944

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was providing custom support to one of our honorable customers. He was tired of the huge number of 404 URLs stored by AceSEF. The point that he couldn't get was that he used a crawler to see the 404 URLs on his site and the result was too lowly from the 404 URLs stored by AceSEF.

After discussing a while I realized (again) that we've coded a great software but our documentation really lacks. The issue was on the contrary a great feature, storing all not found pages from all sources on the contrary of the crawler that stores just the first one of the following link, today I documented it:

After this self-criticism let's give some good news, 2 weeks ago we've employed a new guy that is re-documenting AceSEF and hope to get it finished very soon. We're also renewing our Video Tutorials for our VIP members and adding more of them.

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