Xmap, Joomap, SEF SM 2 and AceSEF

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After making the introduction of AceSEF 1.5 in my previos post, now I'm going to present you the comparison table between Xmap, Joomap, SEF SM 2 and AceSEF as sitemap components. Here we go...

Version Info: Xmap 1.2.9, Joomap 2.0.6, SEF SM 2.0.11, AceSEF 1.5.0

AceSEF Xmap Joomap SEF SM 2
No plugin obligation
Automatic HTML sitemap
Automatic XML sitemap
Pagination opportunity for HTML sitemap
Pagination opportunity for XML sitemap
Component based HTML sitemap
Each HTML sitemap's item can be (un)published
Each XML sitemap's item can be (un)published
Can add/delete sitemap items manually
Customizable XML sitemap
Google News compatible XML sitemap
Sitemap items management from backend
No. of queries, less means faster sitemap loading 2 a lot a lot a lot
Customizable CSS file
Static XML sitemap opportunity
Pinging Google, Yahoo, Bing
Pinging Services like pingomatic

The next post will be the updated comparison table between AceSEF, JoomSEF and sh404SEF components, follow me ;)

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