sh404SEF, JoomSEF and AceSEF - Part 2

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It has gone over a year since I wrote the first comparison table for sh404SEF, JoomSEF and AceSEF components.

One year is a really long time in this age and manythings can be changed from the scratch, like AceSEF 1.5. So I felt myself compelled to update the comparison table for these components according to their latest releases.

Version Info: sh404SEF 2.1.3, JoomSEF 3.7.4, AceSEF 1.5.0

AceSEF JoomSEF sh404SEF

Free Version
Free Support
Overrides Joomla! core files which can break functionality No No Yes
Easy-to-use graphical user interface
Best Good Good
Customizable User Interface
Written according J! 1.5 Framework
Written 100% in modular way
3rd Party extensions installation and management
Migration from other SEF components without losing old URLs
On-site automatic upgrades
Cache management UI & advanced cache options
On-site help pages, documentation
Handling records in batch mode
Field autocompleters while editing records, no more copy-paste
Global parameters for extensions
On-site Google Analytics view
Security functions

Basic URL rewriting, no plugin obligation
Supports Joomla! 1.5 router.php files
Alias option for ALL components
Date based automatic “duplicated URLs” handling
Generating URLs from backend automatically
“Quick Edit” mode in backend, edit URLs in batch mode
Updating URLs without purging from backend
URL trash in backend
Duplicated URLs management (from backend) Easiest Normal Easy
301 redirects from J! core SEF to component’s SEF URLs
Option to include parent menus in URL like J! SEF
Unique numerical URLs for duplicated URLs
Unicode (UTF-8) URLs
Automatic URL shortening (like
URL Source Tracker
Configurable non-SEF variables
Advanced SSL configuration

Automatic metadata generation
On-edit-page Metadata
Create new metadata from backend manually
Generate metadata from backend automatically
Update metadata automatically from backend
Showing duplicated titles in backend
Searching metadata in backend
Possibility to (un)publish metadata for each URL
Option to add page number to title automatically
Clipping auto description by sentences/words
Keywords whitelist for auto keywords
Backup/Restore metadata

Static XML sitemap file
Dynamic XML sitemap link
HTML sitemap
Configurable automatic sitemap items generation
Cron Task for static XML sitemap file
Create new sitemap items from backend manually
Generate sitemap items from backend automatically
Delete able sitemap items
Backup/Restore sitemap items

Only AceSEF has such a feature so no comparison needed

Configurable internal links
Nofollow feature
Redirect to external URLs
Associate with URLs
Limit the number of words to be linked in any article
Case sensitive word filter
Component based enable/disable options
Advanced backend filters
Backup/Restore internal links

Only AceSEF has such a feature so no comparison needed

What about performance? Don't worry, it'll be the title of my next blog ;)

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