The New JoomAce LLC

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The New JoomAce LLC
We are pleased to announce the new tree staff and new product logos. JoomAce LLC is renewing for innovation. We have contracted with three person for the support about one month ago and now our support team become stronger.
In this month we worked very hard and we will release all new versions as soon as possible. For this reason endless thanks to my all team member.

The Support Team


Doruk Salor as AceShop Support Specialist

He works on Java,Html,JavaScript for Joomace LLC.He is also interesed in c# and F#.
He like playing pc games so he want be part of a game development studio or he want to own one.
He like to playing drums,playing pc games and skateboarding.

Yusuf Gündo as AceSHOP Extension Developer & Supporter.

He is from Sakarya and he have been studied Computer Science&Engineering @Sakarya University.
He works on PHP and MySQL and javascipt for JoomAce. He also interested in .net c#, in student life.
Before joomace he worked E-Commerce development company. He likes researching and swimming.

Ercan SORMAZ as AceSEF & AceSearch Extension Developer & Supporter.

He works on PHP and MySQL for JoomAce LLC. He also interested in Java, C & Robotic.
He designs a robot that remote controlled by using Apache & PHP on Raspbery Pi for thesis of BS.

Indroducing our new logos.

Many thanks to Mr.Erdal for the great work. He picked up the new season synergy in the future We are going to use the following logos.


Please click to enlarge image

We hope you enjoy the updates.

JoomAce LLC Team

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