AceSEF 1.5.14 is out

on Friday, 07 January 2011. Posted in Releases, AceSEF Item Hits 3629

Dear AceSEF users.

After a short time from the latest release, we have just released another improved version of AceSEF component. The most important change of this version is the low priority security fix. We're calling it as low because the "hacker" have to be logged in back-end so he could apply it.

What is new in AceSEF 1.5.14:
* : Low priority XSS vulnerability in back-end (thanks to Ervis Tusha)
# : Showing "Empty title" red message in Sitemap even it exists (again)
# : Typo while viewing the dynamic link of sitemap
# : Adding http:// if Site URL is saved as empty
# : Loading the back-end language when updating URLs from back-end
# : Some minor bugs
+ : Importing sh404SEF aliases
^ : PHP version requirement updated to 5.2.0 at least

The next important change is the required PHP version, 5.2.0, it was 5.0.0 earlier. We had to increase it because of the new configuration storage.

We've also added a new feature as per users request, the ability to import sh404SEF aliases.

What next?
We've been releasing new versions within a short term in the last month. We can say that 1.5.14 is the most stable version of AceSEF 1.5 series and it seems that the next releases cycle will be longer. For now, our current target is to make AceSEF Joomla! 1.6 compatible and we hope to release it until the end of the next week.

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