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Here we are in the URL management section where you can add, edit, publish, lock deletion, delete, block rewrite and export each URL. Use this section only for non-SEF-to-SEF redirects, use Moved URLs section for SEF-to-SEF redirects.

URLs List


This one of the futures that only AceSEF has. If you have a URL that is moved to another page ( added in Moved URLs section) and you can't prevent the generation of the old (moved) URL then you can unpublish the old one so the New URL will be active.

Used (Duplicated URLs Management)
As mentioned in the Configuration section, with this function you can manage same URLs. As you can see in the screen above 3 identical URLs are marked. In the Used column one of them has a solid star and others have a hollow star. The solid star means that this Real URL will be used for this SEF URL. As you can see it is very easy to manage duplicated URLs compared to the difficulty of this in the sh404SEF or JoomSEF component.

This is also one of the futures that only AceSEF has. You can set your important URLs to be locked from both deletion and purge actions.

Another one of AceSEF’s great and unique functions. If you have a single URL that you dont want to be SEF rewrited you can check that column and the URL will be shown as a Real URL. Later you can switch back to SEF again.

Using the toolbar buttons you can also apply these actions in batch mode that will save a lot of your time.

Editing URLs

7-editurl-main 8-editurl-seo

You can edit the URL or almost set all options you can set in SEF URLs list section.
If you check the "Save as Custom URL" checkboz then the URL will be moved to Custom URLs section.

You can manually set meta tags for this URL. AceSEF has generated automaticly meta tags for us ;)

Save & Moved
This is a new feature that offers you to create a Moved URL automaticly if you are changing the SEF URL but because of the old SEF URL has been indexed by spiders you want to create a 301 redirection to the new one.