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Moved URLs

A Moved URL is a HTTP response with 301 Moved Permanently status code and is used for permanent redirection. Use this section only for SEF-to-SEF redirects, use SEF URLs section for non-SEF-to-SEF redirects.

Moved 301  URLs

The New, Change, (un)Publish, Delete etc buttons has the same functionalities as in SEF URLs section.

Edit/New Moved URL

As you can see in the screenshot, adding/editing a Moved URLs is very simple. Just add the old url to From URL field and the new URL to To URL field.

Note 1 : Do not add domain name in "From URL" field.

Note 2 : If the From URL is still being generated by AceSEF in SEF URLs, Custom URLs or 404 URLs sections, do not delete it but unPublish.