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AceSEF - Joomla! SEO Suite

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1. Add to Cart and Checkout    2. Pay with PayPal    3. Download the file
After your payment is confirmed, you will get your Download-ID via email. Using PayPal this process takes just a few minutes. The Download-ID is valid for a limited period (6, 12 or 24 months) or downloads (30, 70 or 100). If a new version of extension will be made available, you can download it for free.

Joomla! Services

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AceSEF Installation on Apache Initial installation and configuration of AceSEF component at your site running on Apache web server. Product Details
AceSubscriptions Installation Initial installation and configuration of AceSubscriptions component at your site. Product Details
Extension Support Extension support for AceSEF, JoomSEF, sh404SEF, Xmap or Joomap components. Includes services as installation, configuration, code modification etc. for these extensions. Product Details
New Extension If you are looking for an extension for AceSEF, JoomSEF, sh404SEF, Xmap or Joomap that is not in our list and want us to make it for you, well this is your page. Product Details

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