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AceSEF - Joomla! SEO Suite

Only 3 Steps

1. Add to Cart and Checkout 2. Pay with PayPal 3. Download the file
After your payment is confirmed, you will get your Download-ID via email. Using PayPal this process takes just a few minutes. The Download-ID is valid for a limited period (6, 12 or 24 months) or downloads (30, 70 or 100). If a new version of extension will be made available, you can download it for free during this period.

AceSubscriptions Plus 12

AceSubscriptions Plus 12

- Usage on unlimited websites
- Download access to updates for 12 months or 70 downloads
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Extension Details: Downloads
Compatibility 1.5 Native
Demo joomace.net/documentation/acesubscriptions/screenshots
Install & Manual
License joomace.net/company/license
Download Access 12 months
Download Limit 70 times
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