Modifying your Joomla htaccess file - 500 Internal Server Error

If you are not familiar with using htaccess, the instructions below will help you check that mod_rewrite is available on your server and then allow you to install an htaccess file containing the modifications described in this post. The instructions assume that if you already have an htaccess file in use on your site, it is the standard one supplied as part of the Joomla installation - if not you will need to make the modifications to the file yourself. You can download a zip file from here containing the three htaccess files that are referred to in the instructions below.

No images showing

This has nothing to do with AceSEF or even Joomla!. It is simply a logical result of the way a browser works.

Some modules are not showing when AceSEF is activated

This also applies to problems when correct modules are not showing or the correct menu item is not selected.

Unicode (UTF-8) URLs

Before using the UTF-8 feature of AceSEF, check these questions regarding your server?

URLs containing "." (dot) character gives 404 error

Whether URLs containing "." (dot) character do or do not work is dependant on web server configuration.

Users can't register

Your issue is related with the Access Level of the menu item that the user URL is using.

What is "Affected Area" ?

Affected Area is the place that AceSEF uses to show Tags, Internal Links and Social bookmarks.

What is the Joomla ItemID?

ItemID is one of the most important and problematic part of Joomla! and SEF, check the OSTraining tutorial for more info http://bit.ly/chjojc

When should I use the J!1.5 router file instead of AceSEF extension

If you have an AceSEF extension for your component you dont NEED to use router.php file unless you dont like the URL rewriting of the extension in comparison with router.php's one.

Why do I have so much 404 URLs?

404 URL/page means that the requested URL/page was not found. The 404 URLs are naturally not wanted by any site admin, they hate them so much so they sometimes can accuse the other party falsely.

WordPress links don't work

Applying the following steps will solve this issue.